Getting a little more JOLLY, a little more GREEN, and a little less GIANT.

14 November 2011

If I could just shut my mouth...

...then I wouldn't be so embarrassed on Monday morning when I haven't lost half of the ten pounds I said I was going to lose before Thanksgiving. Or lost any pounds for that matter.

At least I didn't gain.

I have a feeling that if I could just shut my mouth I would also be able to lose those ten pounds. (Chocolate covered pretzels what?!)


I'm done. I can't do this. Not now. Not through the holiday season. I've had it.

New plan of action.


Until New Years.

Why does this not feel like the brightest idea either?


Missy0327 said...

That's what I'm doing lady!! Maintain, Maintain, Maintain. Try to fit workouts when you can and try not to pig out horribly. I've been doing that since September when I couldn't handle everything once school started. I lost 5 lbs somewhere!
No horror in pausing!! Look how far you have come already. Just don't forget to get back on the wagon.

{leah} said...

You are doing great!! Try doing a green smoothie every morning and at least that way if you do slip up you know that your body has had soemthing really good in it already. {They are sweet so it helps with my sweet tooth}

You are doing great. Keep it up!!

Nhat & Jessica said...

I stumbled on this blog and I have to say I am inspired! I realized that it doesn't matter how many pounds you want to loose, we all go through the same pitfalls (mine: reeses peanut butter cups) and bumps (not going for a run) on our way down the scale. My mini wake up call was needing my bridesmaid dress to zip and be able to breathe in it, another size was not an option! Since my sister-in-law's wedding I am at least maintaining and it feels good!