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06 February 2012

Superbowl 2012: Some Giants Won. Some...Not So Much.

Great game yesterday, right?
I'm not the biggest football fan. I don't have a team or watch sports faithfully, but I enjoy a good Superbowl Sunday.

It may or may not be mostly because of all the food.

Okay. That's exactly why I like the Superbowl. It's a chance to hang with family and EAT FOOD.

I made lots of goodies, but I was good about the goodies. I had a few of this and a couple of that. I only filled my plate once. I drank water over any of the sugary stuff. And I stopped as soon as I was full.

So after stepping on the scale this morning, I'm feeling a bit like a Patriot player. Stunned. Wondering what the heck happened. And in need of some comfort.

I didn't lose. I didn't maintain. I didn't even gain a little. I gained TWO POUNDS! TWO FLIPPING POUNDS?!

I was already in a cranky mood when I got up this morning, but that weight gain just about pushed me over the edge. As I was getting breakfast ready for the kids I opened the fridge and saw a plate with some chocolate covered strawberries left from the party the night before. Ahh. Sweet comfort.

What's the point? I try and try and work my behind off all week only to gain weight because I had a little Superbowl food the night before. And I was being "good". What if I had gone crazy like I had wanted to? Forget it. I'm done.

Chocolate covered strawberries. Get in my belly.

I popped one in my mouth. Chewed. And spit it out. This is not going to help the situation. But this is how I roll. When the going gets eat.

I popped another one in. Chewed. And again...spit it out.

Evelyn. Get a grip. Are two pounds worth this?Are you going to throw away all that you have accomplished so far? Are you going to give up any time your weight fluctuates like this?


What was that?


So I stuck it to those two pounds. During my run this morning I did an extra 10 minutes of running and 15 minutes of walking. Take that 2 pounds!! I walked away from the treadmill realizing that I have gained far more than 2 pounds. I have gained knowledge. I have gained self control. I have gained gumption.

It's a 2 pounds gain this week, but who knows? Maybe next week it will be a 5 pound loss. And even if it isn't...Oh well. At least I'm trying. At least I'll be farther along athletically. At least I won't be as depressed and out of shape. At least I can complain with reason.

Congratulations to the Giants for winning the Superbowl! And congrats to this Jolly Green Giant for winning her own Superbowl!

Happy Monday Ya'all!

Something I did great on this week: I tried clothes on at the store and although I didn't buy anything, I didn't have to go to the Plus Size section to find clothes that fit!!

Something to improve on: Measure carefully when it comes to food. Maybe I'm screwing up on my calorie counting. *shrugs shoulders*

What I'm listening to: Rio movie soundtrack.


Lisa said...

YOU. ARE. AMAZING!!!!! You are my hero! :) CONGRATULATIONS on your victory! :)

Missy0327 said...

Never give up!! You have come such a long way. Believe me lady, I have wanted to give up since I started but there is always something to drive you forward. I think you are amazing!
Hope you get and enjoy your new running shoes. They kind of help give a little pep in your step afterwards.