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25 January 2013

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fatter

My husband travels for work leaving me alone with a 2, 4, 6, and 8 year old. I know we are very fortunate to have a good job in bad economical times. And after two years of having an absent traveling husband, I've got this single parenting thing down. (Sometimes.)

What I don't have down is the emotional upheaval that inevitably happens every time Joe leaves. In fact, it begins happening even before he's out the door. A couple of days before his departure, I find myself bracing for it. "Bracing for it" means "trying not to sink into the depths of despair". "Depths of despair" means EMOTIONS GALORE!


We like to cover the full end of the dark side spectrum.

It's rough. And I only have to go for one to two weeks of absent husband at a time. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a military wife where the weeks become months become years. (Although, I can't help but wonder what would be easier...Having your husband gone 7 months straight or 7 months in intermittent week segments throughout the year? It seems just when we get adjusted into a routine of Daddy being gone, he's back, "messing up" our system. Then, when we settle into having him around again, it's time for him to leave. Either's not easy.)

On this blog I have made it no secret that I am an emotional eater. And guess what EMOTIONS GALORE does to an emotional eater?

I find myself eating or thinking about eating constantly when he is gone. I'll eat throughout the day as I deal with different kid and household issues. Without him here to eat, there are inevitable leftovers at dinner, so I find myself accidentally overeating at the dinner table. The real trouble comes when the kids are in bed and the house is dark and quiet and oh so lonely. Food is there to offer delicious companionship.

It is and probably always will be a constant struggle. Sometimes I win. Sometimes the food wins. This week...the food is winning. Ugh.

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Lisa Thomas said...

It's amazing to me how I am going through Every. Single. One. of those emotions with my husband being out of work and home every day! Honestly - I don't know how you do it with him gone, but I'm sure struggling having mine around 24/7! :) Just hold on - you are amazing!! You can make it through another week, just remember that eternity will always be there for you! :)