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10 July 2012

Of Womanly Checkups

I had my yearly exam today.

Ohhhh...How I dread these appointments. Pap smears and breast exams. Not exactly my idea of a good time. Oh and then there's the matter of checking in with the doctor's scale. And trying to squeeze in to one of those gowns that covers...nothing. Especially when you're fat. And why on earth do they position you so your back is to the door? This is all fine and well IF your gown actually covers your tushy. But if it doesn't...then you just mooned whoever happened to be passing by in the hallway. And this moon ain't anything to howl at.

Today, being 85 pounds lighter, I didn't dread it nearly as much. At my last appointment my very kind and thorough doctor decided to tackle the issue of my weight. At one point during our time together last year he leaned forward in his chair, placed his face on his clasped hands, looked me in the eye, and very gently and earnestly said, "Well, what are we going to do about it?"

"It" meaning my being of an obese nature.

I wasn't offended by this inquiry. He had somehow magically made it "our" problem and not just mine. He seemed to truly care about my health, not just physically, but mentally as well. I instantly felt that he was there to help and cheer me on if I needed it.

There really wasn't much he could actually do. But just the idea that he sincerely cared about it was enough. I silently vowed to return to his office in a year in a healthier state of being.

And I did.

I couldn't wait to jump on the scale and show the nurse just how far I had come since last year. Her reaction, as well as the reaction of my OBGYN, was well earned. They were amazed! My doctor just kept saying, "You are so awesome! That is so awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!" And then he talked to me as if I were an equal about what steps I was taking to keep progressing in my journey towards health. He offered advice and asked for some in return. This was new.

And guess what?! My gown actually fit! I slipped it on and wrapped it around, tying it in the back with no moonbeams even close to shining out. It was even a little big on me. That was new too.

The pap smear and the breast exam...not so new. Same old uncomfortable necessary junk there.

Regardless, I walked out of the office with a bounce to my step and a curiosity about what my next meeting with my doctor next year would be like. How much more will I have lost next year? Will I have finished a marathon? Will I be a triathlete by then? Will I fall apart and gain it all back?

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Missy0327 said...

I had a similar experience with my primary doctor last week who checks me up with my Thyroid. He is happy to see that I'm losing weight, and was proud of me for my 5K's and future half marathon.
You won't gain it all back, I can't see you letting yourself do that. You have come so far.
Keep it up!