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13 July 2012

Running in the Rain

As a young girl, I saw enough romantic movies and heard enough passionate tales to know one thing was certain:
A kiss in the rain is worth a thousand normal kisses.

Rain kissing meant passion.
Soaking wet smooches ensured your true love was true.
Dry kisses? Meh. Damp, rainy kisses? Ooo-la-la!

So when I was 17, I had my first kiss. On a mountain side. In a rain storm. It was the most romantic moment of my young life...Until our lips actually touched.

Rain + kissing = Eww.

On the other hand...

Rain + running = HALLELUJAH!

Talk about passion, romanticism, guts and glory, and feeling alive! Take a run in a rainstorm and you'll know what I mean. I finally got my first rain run of the summer in this week! AHH! I love it! Especially during the summer.

Have you ever ran in the rain? What do you think? Cool, cleansing, invigorating blessing from Mother Nature? Or damp, chilly, chafing Karma curse?

1 comment:

Jenetta said...

I love running in the rain which is a good thing considering that I Iive in Seattle. :)