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11 July 2011

A New Way to Celebrate

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary. Oh and Joe's too of course. It's also Monday, meaning time to check in with the scale. Scale says... Down another 2.6 pounds. Total weight loss 30.2 pounds!

That means...I have hit another milestone and can cross off another goal. Lose 30 pounds. Done and done!

I am thiiiiiiiis close to being under the 250 mark (today I'm at 251.3). I tumbled through the 280s, barreled past the 270s. Tiptoed through the 260s. And strolled through the 250s. My weight loss is slowing down, but I am so excited to say ta-ta to the upper end of 200!

Oh to be looking at the 240s! Then the 230s! Then the 220s--GASP! I haven't seen those since before I was married and I thought I was fat then. (I was, but I managed to kick myself into gear and lose 50 pounds before I met Joe.)

On this day that we celebrate our wedding anniversary and we watch the home video of that beloved day, I can't help but stare longingly at the girl I used to be. On my wedding day I was 175 pounds. I had cheekbones and only one chin. I had lovely arms and muscular legs. My stomach was flat, my waist was thin, my rear end was in control.


One day...One day I'm going to see that person again in the mirror. She won't be quite the same. She might be saggier and baggier and older, BUT WISER and stronger and more confident.

One day...

After watching our home video, I celebrated our wedding anniversary by walking 3 miles and jogging 1 mile of it without stopping! And there goes another goal on my list: Run 1 mile without stopping. Done and done! What a different way to celebrate than I normally would with a box of Mrs. See's chocolates. Life is good. Love is grand! I love my hunka hunka burnin' love! and I can't wait to give him back his blushing bride...only better!

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Myya said...

What a wonderful post! Happy Anniversary to you two!!

You are really beautiful, Then AND NOW! Congratulations on your milestones, I hope conquer many many more!