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30 July 2011

3 Miles

3 miles.

All running. No stopping.

It was so hard.

After the first mile, after the second mile, I really began to wonder if I could do it.

My body begged and pleaded for me to just stop. Give up. Call it.

But I ignored it. I did it. I ran all three miles.

I not only did it. I sprinted at the end.

And I felt like one bad mamba jamba as I strutted through that last cool down lap to the victorious sounds of Muse blasting over my earphones.

I gave myself chills.

Is there a super hero cape flowing behind me?


Is there anything I can't do?

Today it all feels possible.


Lisa said...

YOU. ARE. AMAZING! Honestly - you ROCK!!! What music do you run to? I think I need some of that!

Myya said...

Are you kidding me... THAT. IS. AMAZING!!! I am sooo super impressed. This probably sounds super stupid but YOU GO GIRL!!!

aubrey said...

GO you! You've totally inspired me! I've been playing JD2 with the kids for at least an hour almost every day during the week...

Heather said...

Woohoo!!! Hooray!