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04 July 2011

Freedom from Myself

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I have a house full of people and a schedule full of fun. No time for blogging, but very quickly here's the results of today's weigh in:

Another 1.9 pounds lost (on a doozy of a holiday weekend spent with family no less!)
Total weight loss now at 27.6 pounds!

My family is starting to notice my progress. They think my waist looks smaller! They talk about wanting to be healthy too, but the treats and pop still make the rounds. *sigh* One day we will all be strong together.

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Myya said...

Good for you!!! Way to stay commited. I am sooo proud of you. How wonderful that your family is noticing, that is always an even bigger motivator. YAY!!! I "started" the trying to be better thing yesterday. Ohhh how I hope it generates results. Crossing my fingers anyways :)