Getting a little more JOLLY, a little more GREEN, and a little less GIANT.

01 August 2011


One measly little pound lost this week.

1.0 to be exact.

That's the lowest weight loss week I've had yet. I suppose it might have something to do with the two small-ish helpings of birthday cake and ice cream this weekend. Just maybe might possibly...

But one pound...
That was frustrating to see especially after running the farthest run I've done so far in this particular weight loss journey.

Maybe this means I'll have a killer week next week where I bust out of the 240s and mark off another goal: Lose 40 pounds.
We're going camping this week which ought to be great for weight loss. Hiking, trail running, swimming, roughing it.

We're going camping this week which could be possibly disastrous for my weight loss. My uncle who will be at the camp out was a professional dutch oven caterer. Need I say more?

Yes, I need. There's also a community treat bin that will be calling me out all week. I must resist. I must resist. I...must...resist...

I can do it! I've come this far. There's no turning back now.

I'm getting kind of excited to do some running in the mountains. A different physical challenge. New scenery. The refreshing smell of the pine trees and streams. I love camping!

Plus, I'm hoping to snatch a few minutes to read the two half marathon training books I bought on last week. (Thanks Laura for the tip!)

*Beginner's Half-Marathon Trainer: The 14-Week Program to Completing a Half-Marathon in Your Best Time by Jon Ackland

*Food Guide for Marathoners by Nancy Clark, Jeff Galloway

If nothing else at least I will have exercised my mind.

But I have a feeling I'll be doing more. My whole mentality has changed these days. I WANT to run. I WANT to be healthy. I WANT to succeed.

Plus my sister (aka my half marathon buddy) is going to be there. And she's hard core. I can't let my little sis show me up.

At least not a lot.


Lisa said...

You can do it!!! We have the fair this week... fair food... yum. I'm going to try and only have a sno cone... it's just ice right?

Laura said...

Hey... don't worry about the small weeks, it all adds up in the end. And the more you run, the faster it adds up! You keep going, girl!

And keep posting- I SO need your inspiration right now! I've really been struggling, I think it might be some form of depression. My weight's been going up instead of down.

I'm not giving up, though. I'm determined to figure this thing out. I'm reading another book (what else?) that I hope will help. So glad you got the books I suggested--hope they help. Keep up the good work... you're doing great!