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13 August 2011

5 Miles

I love Saturdays.

Saturdays are the days I get the chance to push the limits and see what I'm made of.

Joe is typically home on Saturday mornings so I walk out of the house and leave the kids, the house, the phone, the computer, the worries with him.

It's just me and the road. What can we accomplish today?

Today it was five miles. No stops. No music. No limits.

10K run? No problem. Half marathon? Pfft. I got this.

In the middle of my run, as I was running down my neighborhood street, my neighbor (who has a Ragnar bumper sticker on his car) shut down his lawn mower to yell at me.

"Hey Evelyn! How many are you doing today?"

Ahhh...I see my reputation proceeds me.

Through heavy breaths I tried to yell back, "The goal today is five miles."

"That is so AWESOME! Can I get you some water?"

I declined. Places to go, road to pound and all. But his offer was more refreshing than any glass of water.

I'm so grateful for my cheerleaders!

The neighbors who drive by and jab a power fist in the air for me.
My sister who texts me that she just finished 12 miles that morning. (She's AMAZING!)
My husband who doesn't say much about it, but still takes over the kids, house, and all with no complaints so I can go and do.
My friend Sami who reports her exercise and weight loss progress to me and asks how I'm doing too.
The overweight woman who I saw jogging this morning. She doesn't know me and I don't know her, but I see her on the same path as me and I get inspired.
All those who comment here with words of encouragement or advice or even just a "Hey! Me too!"

I realize that I'm not on my little journey alone.
I sure love my traveling companions.
Thank you to you all.

5 miles today. What does next Saturday bring?

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