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30 January 2012

Big Fat Hypocrite (Only not as big and fat as before!)

Down another 3.1 pounds today!! Bringing me to a total of 12.1 pounds lost since January 1, 2012 and 66.8 pounds lost since I started this little weight loss journey last May. I weigh 214.7 pounds! I'm getting ever closer to being under that 200 mark!

To celebrate I bought a new set of workout clothes. I desperately need some new stuff. The clothes I'm wearing to exercise in could probably stand on their own with the body stench that is permanently stuck on them. That is...if they weren't so worn out and holey.

Don't worry. I work out at home. No one gets to see this mess, except my children. Poor things.

Anyway! New clothes! Yea! And guess what they're made out of?!


Bahahahahahahahahaha! I think I'm hilarious for being a big old fat hypocrite. It was only three measly days ago that I said I didn't intend on wearing spandex.

But I couldn't resist. It's just so breathable and flexible and gosh...almost kinda sorta flattering. My bum never looked so supported.

I couldn't wait to try it on. I looked in the mirror and actually smiled at what I saw. So I thought I would be brave and take a picture so I could finally share a picture with the blog. husband is out of town and the children aren't exactly photographers. We tried, but I just ended up with blurry body parts.

So I tried to shoot a few myself in my bedroom mirror. And when I looked at the pics I was rather embarrassed. Apparently what I am seeing in the mirror isn't what other people would be seeing. The spandex isn't as "hawt" as I initially thought it was.

Thus...I'm not ready to show you a bunch of pics of me in it.

Kind of dumb really. I'm willing to tell you my weight, but not show you the pictures.

Really dumb.


Just one.

Hee hee.

Okay. For reals. Ugh.

This was my attempt at not showing off my church lady arms.


Let's just get this over with. One day I can look back at these and see how far I've come.

Ready? Go.

Oh it gets worse. Wait for it...Wait for it...

And the side view.

That was the hard picture to see. I mean--not only is my room a mess (do laundry much?), but look at that gut. I know it's not as big as it used to be, but sheesh... I've got some serious ab work ahead of me.

Onward and upwards, my friends. Onwards and upwards. (Too bad my poor saggy boobs will never get to that last part.)

So! Now that I've mutilated and humiliated myself in front of the world....

Something I did great this week: I CAN RUN 30 MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING! Sure! Maybe you look great in spandex, but CAN YOU DO THAT??!

And something I could improve upon: Abs. Gotta break down, lay down, and get down to it.

What I'm listening to this week: When the Kids Go to Sleep Podcasts


Debra said...

You are looking so great! Absolutely awesome!

Myya said...

You can run for 30 minutes... YOU ARE AMAAAAAZING!

I think you look fantastic!

Missy0327 said...

I think you look fab!!! There is always need for improvement in our fat kid eyes!!
You rock my socks and I'm glad that we are sort of doing this journey together.
Can I say how jealous I am that you have surpassed me in weight!!

Brittany said...

Holy Mackerel Woman!! You are doing so great!

Can I come live at your house so I can lose weight too? Please?

Jeremy, Lana, Brenna and Mason said...

Just have to say, you're looking so great!!! Love how great you're doing, and how totally hot you look in your spandex!!!!

Heather said...

You look incredible! Wow.

David and Kendra said...

you look amazing! you have no reason to feel humiliated you look grand! keep up the great work!

Carli W. said...

I know everyone else is saying it, but you look AMAZING! I am so impressed with your determination and what I think is probably the hardest part, self control. It's hard to not slip into bad habits when we've always been doing them, and kinda enjoy doing them. You are an inspiration and look awesome!