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24 May 2011

sTResS is an Emotion

In an earlier post I fessed up to being an emotional eater.

Emotions like: sadness, hopelessness, depression, fear, anxiety, happiness... (Yep! She eats when she's happy too, folks.)

And let us not forget STRESS.

Newsflash: I eat when I am stressed.

I hear about people NOT eating when they are stressed and unintentionally losing loads of weight. As much as I wouldn't want their problems that caused the stress in the first place, sometimes I wish I had THAT problem.

Instead of losing weight I find myself packing on the pounds in periods of pressure.

Times like now, when Joe is out of town AGAIN and I am left alone for days on end, but not really alone thanks to these four kids. These four kids who I love more than life itself, but who have a particular knack for driving me into a stress-induced feeding frenzy.

Tonight was particularly trying as bedtime was going later than usual, not less than three children were making some sort of tumult about various issues, I am tripping over toys and shoes strewn across the floor to get to the screaming baby who has been demanding my attention for the last twenty minutes while I try to hurry and finish making dinner or hurry and serve dinner or hurry and eat dinner or hurry and clean up after dinner so the mess isn't ten times worse tomorrow. Just hurry hurry hurry so I can soothe her screams.

Stress, I tell you.

And as that stress builds I can feel that demon inside me demanding one thing and one thing only.


I can hear it even now as I write these words with a particularly alert at such a late hour Cee in my lap.

I am writing this post just trying to keep my mind and fingers busy and ignoring that inner voice, that call of the wild, that Jekyll to my Hyde, that incessant lust for chocolate.

Call a priest. I may need an exorcism.


Katy said...


It's cookies for me.

The only thing that seems to work at my house is simply not purchasing any of it. I saw that you were into the yogurt and fruit thing. It can be a saving grace when you need dessert. I highly recommend a bowl of strawberry greek yogurt with fresh strawberries. Also, carrots - the big ones that you have to peel - end up taking a good while to peel AND eat and that can really satisfy the body's need to munch.

Speaking of munching, have you thought about taking up sugar-free gum chewing?

I am cheering for you. And know that I think you are freaking amazing for getting the exercising done. I SO wish I could do it. I think you put me up to the challenge. You can do this!

Missy0327 said...

Carbs are my weakness. I love baked goods.

It's hard to ignore the cravings! I hear you. I mostly banned the bad stuff out of the pantry. We have a garage outside, so any kind of sweets have to go in the outside fridge. That way I have to decide if I really want it by going out to the garage.

I find myself knitting, or crosstiching when everyone is settle for the night and I haven't gone to bed yet. Reading helps too

Jenetta said...

Imagine eating that chocolate. Think of your favorite chocolate anything and imagine holding it in your hand. Imagine taking that first bite and savoring it. Imagine each bite and watching that chocolate bar or truffle disappear. Imagine eating as much as you want. Feel better?

Lisa said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! LOVING the comment about the exorcist! I'm there with you sister... (as I sit eating apple slices and bread, hoping that will keep the chocolate monster at bay...)

Laura said...

Oh chocolate... how I love thee, how I loathe thee! I feel your pain, sista! A few things that have worked for me when the chocolate cravings get bad:

-keep dove dark miniatures on hand and allow yourself one a day. The dark chocolate satisfies me a lot more quickly than milk chocolate and if you know you get a chocolate every day, you will feel less deprived and less likely to binge. Plus dark chocolate has anti-oxidants so no guilt!

-Tell yourself you have to eat a healthy snack before you can have a treat (just like I do with my kids). By the time you finish the healthy snack, you aren't as hungry for the treat (or you at least eat less of it)

-Keep lots of fresh fruit on hand. The sweetness can sometimes help stave off sugar cravings.

-Sugar free jello and pudding cups!