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26 May 2011

Worried for the Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend.

A weekend we remember those who fought and died for our country.

A weekend we visit and reminisce about our departed loved ones.

A weekend that kick-starts summer.

A weekend full of food.

BBQ, hamburgers and hot dogs, corn on the cob, ice cream, homemade root beer, creamy, puffy, sugary, starchy salads, and junk food galore.

I am scared.

Scared that I will give in and surrender to Memorial Day weekend and gain right back the 10.6 pounds I have lost over the last two weeks.

I can't let this weekend take me down.

We have traveled out of town to be with family. In my family, as with most families I assume, family time=eating.

I am going to do my best to load my plate with green salad and veggies instead of the starchy salads and carbs. I'll stick to the no pop rule I have placed on myself. I will avoid the late night goodies of popcorn, ice cream sundaes, and candies.

I feel like I am under attack and it's all on the home front.

I'm not going to lie; it's gonna be hard. To watch all my skinny siblings and their skinny spouses and the skinny kids eat all that junk while I munch away on carrot sticks. I might cry a bit. But hopefully I'll be crying with joy when I see more success on the scale Monday morning.

Gotta keep that in mind...

P.S. I can't seem to make it past 4 days of working out in a row. I'm already at 4 this week. tomorrow would be 5. I think I am really going to stick it to holiday temptation by going for a good long walk tomorrow.


Laura said...

Just went to my mom's today where she ALWAYS has stashes of goodies up for grabs. It's very hard to avoid the temptation and the emotions associated with being at "home" and indulging in comfort foods. But instead of eating the goodies, I just enjoyed time talking with my mom and reminded myself that I was there to spend time with her, not eat her goodies.

Remember when you are with family this weekend that it is about spending time with them, not stuffing yourself silly. You are worth far more than the temporary taste of the food. You will not only be proud next week when you get on the scale, that you did not indulge, but you will have fond memories of the time spent with family instead of guilt from overeating. You owe yourself and your family that much! I know you can do it, Evelyn!!!

Missy0327 said...

2 things I can recommend.

1) Drink a lot of water, it helps with not overeating.

2) Don't completely avoid ALL the good food, because if you do it will be all the more easier to give in. Have a little bit just so that you feel like you indulged without over indulging.

Lisa said...

GOOD LUCK! :) We are actually leaving the family for memorial day. The biggest temptation for me will be eating too much fast food. Ah well. Seriously - best of luck! And PS - I love your goals on the sidebar - I think I might have to steal your idea. Is that ok with you?

shortmama said...

I hope you made it through ok!