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25 February 2013

Note to Self: Why You Should Lose Weight

I stepped on the scale yesterday and lo and behold...I've gained even more weight.


I can't be totally surprised. I tried to eat better this week and workout every day and everything was going great until...the weekend came. Then I went a little hog-wild. And I paid for it. I paid for it on the scale and I paid for it on my run this morning.

When am I am ever going to learn that I have to eat right to be able to run right?

So. thick. headed. am. I.

I need an incentive. I need a reminder as to why I am trying to be healthy and continue on my weight loss journey.

So...Here are a few:

1. My brother is coming for a visit in March. He's always been kind of critical of my weight. I would love to "stick it to him" and be skinny (-er) when he comes.

2. My other brother has been dating a girl for...forever. Who knows if he's getting married or not, but if he is...I'd sure like to be picture ready.

3. Speaking of pictures...We're bound to do some family pictures when #1 brother comes for his visit. I have two sisters that look fantastic. While I'll always be the "bigger sister", I'd really love to not be the "really bigger sister".

4. I've been asked to speak about my weight loss journey to a group of women in March. It would be nice to be able to do that without a closing statement of "...and I've gained a bunch of weight back."

5. My first marathon is in May. Who wants to carry 30 extra pounds when running 26.2 miles?

6. Some of my clothes are starting to get a little snug again. No.

7. Clean eating + running = happy girl

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