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07 February 2013

You CAN Run from Your Problems

A really bad mood has been lurking over my shoulder for a few days now. Brewing and churning and festering, just bursting at the seams for a chance to take me (and my poor unsuspecting family) down.

I keep trying to fend it off. I go through my list of possible bad mood causes:

1. My period is due any day now.
2. Winter. Endless winter. Can you say "cabin fever"?
3. No car. No money.
4. Mundane daily routine.
5. Frustration with myself for not having more self control and gumption.

A perfect storm of yuck.

But then I went running. (Outside!)

I intended to do my short three miles on the treadmill all day, but my bad mood blues kept me from "intending" too heartily to really do anything about it. But I had already skipped my Monday short run. I'm committed to this marathon training. I couldn't skip a second run in a week. I just couldn't. So after dinner, with a belly full of spaghetti and bread sticks, with all traces of daylight and warmth gone, I walked out the door leaving the husband, the kids, the house, and the chores behind.

As soon as I began running, I felt the relief set in.

Physically, mentally. Ahhh! 

It was so tangible. How is it that I always forget how good this makes me feel?! This running thing (particularly outside running thing) is better than any anti-depressant. It just makes me feel better. Instantly, continuously, long-term-ly. It. Is. So. Good.

And "they" lie. Turns out you CAN run from your problems.

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Missy0327 said...

I have been saying you can run from your problems since I found it the cheapest most invigorating therapy!!! :)
I am not liking the winter either, can't wait for spring and running in the rain!! :)