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22 February 2013

Speaking of Shoes: Altra Torrin Giveaway!

Since I went shoe shopping just yesterday, shoes are definitely fresh on my mind.

I'm fairly new to running; I've only been running fairly consistently for about 18 months. This is the first winter I have ran through. I wimped out last winter. It was just too darn cold and slippery. Brrr!

I bought my first pair of shoes on my first visit to a REAL running store last year. The guy watched me run for a few seconds (literally, only a few seconds) and diagnosed me as an "over-pronater". This means my foot tends to roll the wrong way. He suggested I try the Brooks Adrenaline that comes with a stabilizing thingamabobber that will help with over-pronation. I was inclined to follow his advice and promptly purchased my first pair of REAL running shoes.

These shoes have served me well over the last several months. They carried me, injury-free, through my first half marathon and all the training leading up to it. And they've gotten me well on my way to my first full marathon.

But they're getting worn out. I've noticed the bottoms of my feet are really taking a pounding the higher my mileage gets. There just doesn't seem to be the sole support there that there once was. Time for new shoes!

Actually PAST time for new shoes. I've been putting it off because it's just so darn painful to fork over 100 plus dollars for shoes that can only be worn when you exercise. I know it's a good and necessary thing if you want to run comfortably and injury-free. It just hurts!

At the shoe store yesterday, I asked the clerk about Altras. I've heard lots of good things about them from my online running group. They heart Altras! In fact one of them (and her husband) works with the company. I'm such a newb to the whole running scene that I don't know what all the shoe terms even mean. I just know that a lot of people really dig these Altras. Even the clerk that helped me yesterday was wearing some.

He was a big fan, but he still scared me away from making my first Altra purchase yesterday. Something about not "switching horses mid-stream" and "sticking with what has worked for you". Meaning it may not be a good idea to try a new shoe style in the middle of marathon training. Plus they didn't even have my size. (Just call me "Tawanda, Amazon Woman".)

So I walked out of the store with another pair of Brooks Adrenaline. Same size, different color. Green!

BUT I really want to try those Altras! Which I am going to as soon as I have another $100 to spend on shoes. Or when I win THIS giveaway! Free Altra Torrins?! Yes please! Because really, when am I going to have a spare $100 sitting around?

I'm thinking maybe I'll run my September marathon with Altras. Compare and contrast!

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