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08 February 2013

Safety is Sexy, People.

When I was a teenager I would rather have died of a brain injury than wear my bike helmet and look like a total dweeb. But Daaaaaad! Helmet hair is sooooo embarrassing.

And then I grew up.

Fashion be damned. I want to run and I want to live while doing it.

Safety is sexy, people.

(And toasty warm!)

Plus, as my friend Myya pointed out, I could always moonlight as a crossing guard. Bonus!

But check this out... Even in my super cool, neon orange, reflective running gear, I still almost got hit. TWICE!

After that experience I feel the need to clarify that if I ever do die while running, let it be known that I died happy, doing something I loved. (Slap that on my headstone, please.)

In totally unrelated news, I also feel the need to clarify that bathrooms really are a much more practical place to apply your makeup rather than, I don't know...A MOVING VEHICLE!

My final thoughts for the day: Please be kind and keep a watchful eye out when driving, especially at night. You never know when you might come across a sexy crossing guard.

1 comment:

Myya said...

And a gosh darn sexy crossing guard at that!

Seriously though, your body looks amazing. Those pictures of you on Dee's baptism day are gorgeous. You look even better then when I saw you this Summer. I've lost a little but it hasn't grown my motivation. I don't know how you keep it up. I need someone to light a fire under me on a regular basis.