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06 June 2011

One month in...

I was absolutely dreading this morning's weigh-in. I have been a bad girl.

Ice cream WITH hot fudge what? Possibly steak and shrimp on date night too. And maybe a few other meal mishaps.


I stepped on the scale expecting a gain, but somehow...managed a 2.9 pound loss.

I'm such a jerk to myself. Instead of celebrating that 2.9 loss I immediately started flogging myself for not sticking to healthier eating habits and not losing more.

Will I ever be content with myself??? *sigh*

Well, 2.9 pounds lost this week takes me to a 15.5 pound loss total since 09 May 2011, about a month ago.

15.5 pounds lost. I like the sound of that. So much so that I am going to rededicate myself. And make a few new rules for myself.

No eating after 8 pm.
Limit sugar more. (How much more? I'm still not exactly sure. I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl. Is it time to make sugar off-limits??? I admire you gals out there who only let yourself have one treat a week. That's the kind of self control I'm aiming for. Can I do it???)


shortmama said...

Im rededicating...after my bff moves. I need to eat through the pain...seriously

Laura said...

I'm so proud of you! And I'm VERY glad you are proud of yourself! You should be! I've done nothing but gain recently... but you're inspiring me to get back on it!

Jodi said...

Way to go Evelyn! I have the same problem with sweets. I can't let go and if I have a little, it turns into a lot! Once on my mission, my companion and I went off sweets for one week. I was a little easier because we were together 24/7 so we had that support. After the week, I felt great and I no longer craved sweets. I keep telling myself if I can just go one week without I won't crave them anymore. But I haven't been able to! Good luck with everything and have a wonderful summer!

Lisa said...

Good job!!! And good luck with your new goals!!

MiMi said...

That is awesome! I'm cringing just thinking about my weigh in tomorrow. UGH.

Heather said...

15.5 lbs!! Congratulations! Can you feel it in your clothes yet? If you don't, you will soon, and THAT will be very motivating. There's nothing like trying clothes on and thinking, the last time I wore this I had to suck it in, now look at me, zzzipp! :-) You are awesome. Keep going. I don't know how long it takes, but I know eventually the sugar cravings will go away as you eat less of it. Keep going!