Getting a little more JOLLY, a little more GREEN, and a little less GIANT.

09 June 2011


When I left the house this morning, jogging was the last thing from my mind. I had all four of my children with me. Dee and Jeigh were riding their bikes ahead as I pushed a stroller full of Elle and Cee. We were just going to walk and ride around the block a few times and call it good for the day.

Then as we were walking down the hill, Dee fell back behind our little caravan. He usually likes to ride ahead "because he has to be the leader". When he realized that he had lost his top dog status, he began to whine and complain that we should stop so he could get back in the front.

A nicer mommy probably would have listened, stopped everyone, and let him ride ahead, just like he wanted. But I'm not a nicer mommy. I wanted to teach my oldest a lesson, that he doesn't always have to be first. So I started jogging to stay ahead of him. We were conveniently going downhill. It helped. But even when the decline leveled out, I kept jogging.

"To the end of the street" I told myself. "Just make it to the end of the street". And I did. And I wasn't hurting. I wasn't out of breath. I wasn't going to die.


Suddenly I changed our typical walking route. Left, instead of right.

Left took us to the local elementary school where we discovered we could walk around to the back, to the playground.

The kids commenced playing on the play ground equipment, riding their bikes in figure eights and erratic patterns, and running happy and free.

I followed suit. I began running jogging walking really fast and with bounce wogging, I began wogging happy and free as the kids.

Wog a circle. Walk a circle while pushing Cee in the stroller. Leave the stroller and wog another circle. Walk another circle while pushing the stroller. Wog. Walk. Wog. Walk. Wog and wog again!

It went on like that for 45 minutes. Wog a few, walk one, wog one, walk one, wog a few, walk.

By the end of my 45 minutes I was ready to scream. Not with pain, but with extreme pride in myself.

I have every excuse in the book.

I may be 30 ancient years old.
I may weigh 264.9 nasty flabby pounds as of this morning.
I may be a tired, overwhelmed, single mom of four kids (Joe's out of town AGAIN).
I may have a demanding and needy four month old nursing baby.
I may fall into the tempation of sugar from time to time.
I may be busy and fat and old and tired, but I CAN DO THIS!!

I just wogged for 45 minutes and I feel like Super Woman!!!

Take THAT, Fat!

Today, I feel like I can do this!! TOWAAAAANDA!!!

Watch out world! Here I wog!


Valerie said...

I think it is awesome you found this to do today! I'm thinking you'll do this a lot more since that park is so close to walk to!

One question for you... isn't loosing weight bad for a nursing mom? Just wondering...I had always heard it could play with your milk supply.

I think you're doing great thought and you totally motivate me to make my life better!

Brittany said...

Good for you! Keep up the good work!

Heather said...

Hooray!! I noticed you have "try Zumba" on your goals-you should try it sooner rather than later! It so so fun and addictive!

Katy said...

I love Fried Green Tomatoes. Almost more than I love my husband. Almost. You are doing great! Keep it up!

{leah} said...

Yeah for you!!! isn't that a such a great feeling! Knowing that you just did something that you didn't want to.

You'll see that you'll start to feel better and better, and you'll crave to work out. It may not be a dedicated workout every day, but to be active every day is what your bod will crave.

Some days will be better than others. But remember teh good days when they not so good ones come.

I'm proud of you!

Laura said...

Good job, Evelyn! You inspire me, girl! I have been fighting a nasty cold for over a week (which you may already know if you read my last blog post) and have been unable to exercise. But reading about you getting out there and just 'playing' with the kids and getting a workout by just having fun reminds me that I really do enjoy running and playing outside with my kids. Keep it up, kid! You're doin' great!