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19 March 2013

I Can Be Spontaneous

It's very easy to fall into a routine. Actually, I purposefully put myself and my family into a routine.

Wake up at 7 am. Off to school by 8 am. Housework and workout. Lunch and naps. Homework at 4 pm. Bedtime at 7:30 pm. Bath nights on Wednesdays and Saturday. Wash the bathrooms on Wednesdays. Do the laundry on Tuesdays and Fridays. Chocolate chip pancakes on Saturday mornings. Church on Sunday. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Rinse and repeat again.

It can be my saving grace. But sometimes it can be just plain boring. Lately, I've been feeling the "boring" part of it wearing on my sanity. And then something happened today...

A fellow running friend asked if anyone was interested in buying one of her friend's bib for a half marathon on Saturday.

At first I ignored it.

Me? Run a half marathon on a whim? Pfft. training mileage is high enough. I could technically do it.

But I need to run 16 miles on Saturday, not 13.1.

But I could just run 3 extra miles before. Or after.

Nah. I don't want to spend the money. Besides I have plans for later in the day.

But it's only $25. And your plans don't start until the afternoon.

But I haven't been training for this race. It wasn't really in my plans.

But isn't that the best part?! It's something new and different and out of the ordinary.


Maybe I could.

Yes. I WILL!

It's just what I needed to shake things up. Goodbye routine. Hello spontaneity!

I can't think too much about it or else the anxiety begins to set in. It's kind of like signing up for the ACTs four days before when you've already been studying for the SATs for several months. You've done the work for something else and because of it, you'll be prepared. But's kind of...scary.

Scary in a good way. Scary and spontaneous and fun!

I can't help but pause a moment in my anxiety and excitement and just be grateful and rather amazed that I CAN do this. It suddenly hit me that I am at a point in my life and well-being that I can just up and run a half-marathon with four days notice!


I'm feeling very alive today.


Leslie said...

I love doing stuff like this. It will mix things up and make your training run more fun. I suggest doing the 3 miles before the race so they get done and you can eat lots at the end :) Have fun!

Myya said...

Yay you!!! I'll be cheering for you even if i am all the way over here. :) said...

Well, I guess if you can spontaneously sign up for a half, I can spontaneously sign up for a full...