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09 March 2013

My Sweet Sixteen

I'm a very lucky girl in that although my husband travels so much he is typically home on Saturdays, the days I do my big runs. He can stay with the kids while I go out and conquer the world, one mile at a time.

Unfortunately he has a lot of two week long trips coming up, meaning I need to find other ways of getting my training in. I really hate asking people to watch my children. I know how inconvenient four extra little ones can be. And it's no small task to take on my little brood, especially with their food issues. But if my long runs are going to get done, I'm going to have to start asking for help.

I'm also a very lucky girl in that my sister lives about half an hour away and is brave enough to take on my clan. I'm very grateful to her today for letting them terrorize her house for four hours. Yikes! Thanks Erin!

Driving half an hour away today meant a change in scenery for me AND a new running partner. I "met" Becky on my running group and have really been wanting to meet her in person for a long time. Her lovely personality just radiates from her typing so you can imagine what she's like in person. Even lovelier.

In the two plus hours we ran together I'm pretty sure I spilled my entire life story to her. In detail. She was very gracious to listen, especially at the end of our run when I started to get whiny about achy knees and hips. Not to mention the patience she had with my natural ability to get lost as we tried to find each other at the beginning of the run. (At least I only ran 1.5 miles in the wrong direction before realizing my error.)

It really is fantastic to chat with someone while you run. Those 16 miles zoomed by. It would have been rather treacherous without the good company. The wind and cold temperatures, aches and pains were a little easier to ignore. It's always fun to talk to someone who you've felt like you've already known for a long time. All in was a great way to start a Saturday!

That being said...I was pretty spent by the end of my 16 miles. New personal record! But, oh my poor toenails! Four Ibuprofen and a couple of hours kicked back in the recliner later and all was well.

16 miles down. Only 10.2 more to go!

P.S. How could we forget to get a picture, Becky?! Next time...

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I wish I lived closer and could run with you! Pocatello here we come!