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27 March 2013

It's Vlog Vednesday, but...

It's Vlog Vednesday, but I was pretty busy with a million little things, so there's no vlog today. My apologies.

It's a "rest" day, at least a rest day for my legs, which I somehow still managed to use a lot today thanks to my To Do list.

I know it's important that I rest. Monday, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill. Tuesday, I ran 8 miles. And I didn't finish until 11 pm. Told you I was busy. I was worried I would be up all night from the adrenaline of the run, but nope. I slept like a log. Whew.

Tomorrow I plan to get 17 miles in. That will be my longest run to date. Woo.

There's no vlog today, but I did want to share this little gem of a Youtube video. My kids and I love this one. It makes us laugh every single time we watch it. And I laugh partly because I'm really hoping only 50% of it is true as I will be in his place in only 7 and a half weeks. (Eek!)

"Don't pants your poop! Don't pants your poop!"

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