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07 March 2013

Spooky Seven Miles


And it was just what I needed to kick these blues to the curb. I know I just wrote a big old long serious post about how much running helps me, but SERIOUSLY! Almost as soon as I started running I could feel the release throughout my entire being. Ahhh!

This is where I defeated the dementors that have been chasing me for the last several days. My patronus was bright and strong.

And then as I began to pound out my seven miles, a different sort of tension began to build. I was running on the same trail I ran on with my running group on Saturday. Only on Saturday it was almost crowded and fully lit and quite welcoming.

Tonight was different. I wasn't able to start running until 5:30 pm so it was starting to get dark and was almost completely dark by the time I finished. Initially, I was very pleased about finding unpaved trails that paralleled the river away from the surrounding neighborhoods. If I squinted a bit, I could almost imagine I was out in the woods instead of in the middle of a huge city.

And then I started passing by several men, either running themselves, walking, or just loafing around. It didn't help that most of them were dressed in black. And that it was only men I saw. I was the only female on the entire 7 miles.

Taking the road less traveled...That is until I got too scared.

I got so spooked that I pulled out my ear buds just so I could hear if someone was running up behind me. I moved to the paved trails and I kept glancing around making sure I was alone. Every time I approached another person I made mental notes of their clothing, hair, build. You know...the details I would need to give the police in case I wasn't just pushed into the nearby river and left for dead.


I probably should have just abandoned the run and gone home, but I needed it so badly. For training and for mental soothing.

I don't think I'll be running that path, that late in the day, that alone, again. And maybe it's time to start carrying some pepper spray or a rape whistle. 

P.S. As I finished my 7 miles, I remembered a blog post on a blog I really loved to follow several years ago. The writer was a free spirit who thrilled to run miles and miles just for the pure love of running. I just didn't get her back then. (I do now.) I remember, vividly, reading a post where she did a 7 mile run one afternoon, just as part of her day. No big deal. "Just 7 miles". I remember thinking, "That is so unhealthy. I think she has a problem. How is that humanly possible?"

It's always good when you can laugh at yourself.

P.P.S. I broke in my new shoes and belt tonight. All is well. The marathon training may continue.


Missy0327 said...

What does your patronus look like! :)
I have another runner blogger that I follow and she and her hubby use a free app called Find Friends, it has a GPS tracker so that whomever you give access to (the hubs) can track you when you go on those long lonely runs.

Brittany said...

Oh goodness! Jordan parkway scares me in the DAYTIME sometimes and that is with me walking two big dogs! I am glad you were safe and I love the Harry Potter reference.